Control Transformers
Trio transformer a leading manufacturer of control transformers,
current transformers and line communicating chokes.
TRIO TRANSFORMER is having approval by government labs, electrical consultants and valuable customers for its products Control transformers, current transformers, line communicating chokes, electrical device, lighting transformers, resin-cast transformer and other electrical control devices.

Current Transformers

Control Transformers


Accuracy- class 5 and class 1VA-1VA to 30VA. Ratio- as specified by customer. Standard ratios of 5A to 5000A with secondary current of 1A or 5A.


Primary and secondary voltage and taps as specified, current/VA as specified.

Ultra Isolation Transformer

K Rated Transformer

These Transformer required for use with critical loads for enhanced isolation minimum coupling of noise and unwanted signals to load.


These are mainly required to operate in hostile working conditions of harmonics and or voltage swell and sags.

Lighting Transformers Iron Cored Reactors And Air Cored Reactors

The payback periods vary from 1 to 3 years while the power bill reduction benefits are available for at least 15/20 years.


Iron cored and air cored chokes for various applications in industry: Input choke at a/c drive input for harmonic filtering, o/p choke for distance compensation.

Motor Starting Autotransformers (ATS) KW Servo Voltage Stabilizers

An auto-Transformer starter makes it possible to start squirrel-cage induction motors with reduced starting current, as the voltage across the motor is reduced during starting.


The control is digital, which is manufactured in 1phase and 3phase designs or as per customer’s requirement.

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