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Current Transformers Manufacturers in India

We, at Trio Transformer, are acknowledged as one of the leading Current Transformers manufacturers in India. We offer a wide range of high voltage current transformer including both HT current transformer and LT current transformer. These types of transformers are designed and manufactured under the expertise of a great research team that fulfills various requirements of clients and try to cater to a perfect solution that is best in quality and delivers great outcomes.

Current Transformers Quick Action Mechanism

A current transformer is specially made to provide a current in its secondary that is approximately proportional to the current flowing in its primary. Current Transformer (CT) has a lot of performance specifications which includes primary and secondary current, insulation voltage, VA burden, and accuracy class. The primary current is the measured current, while the secondary current is a high range of current outputs. When CT is connected to a power source, it is called insulated. The accuracy class is the degree of certainty to which the ideal value agrees with the measured current. The maximum load that a device can support is called a burden. It is measured in Volt-Ampere (VA).

Current Transformers have three basic types

1) Wound – The conductor that is placed to carry the measured current flowing in the circuit is connected with the primary winding of the transformers. This affects the secondary current magnitude which is directly dependent on the turns ratio of CT.

2) Toroidal – This type of transformer does not contain any primary winding. There is a window or a hole in the toroidal transformer that carries the current which is flowing through the network. There are few CTs which have a split core that is allowed to open, install and close without the connection of the attached circuit.

3) Bar-type – In this type of current transformer, a bus-bar of the circuit or a cable is used as the primary winding. They are highly insulated and have a very high voltage. Generally, they are bolted to the device which is carrying current.

Majority of the current transformers have a secondary rating of 5 amps while the primary and secondary currents follow a ratio of 100/5. This indicates that the primary current is 20 times more than the secondary current and hence when the current is 100 amps in a primary conductor, the current in the secondary winding will have 5 amps.

Primary Features

  • Current transformer windings are manufactured from electrolytic high conductivity copper which is covered with insulation
  • Zero phase angle error
  • Moisture-proof
  • Customized Current Transformers available


Specifications are defined as per the product ordered by the client.


Range is defined as per the product requirement of the client.


  • Control the flow of electricity
  • Used in industrial, commercial and residential sectors
  • By providing exceptional high efficiency, international quality and best rated performance standards, we have become one of the most valuable Current Transformer Manufacturers in India.

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