Servo Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers and Suppliers India

In India, we are well-known by the difficulties caused by the highly fluctuating AC main supply. The equipment does not give an optimal performance if the input supply is fluctuating. The motor loss increases from 2% to 90% due to voltage unbalance, and which results in raise in temperature by an excessive amount, due to this there is further increased in loss and reduction in efficiency. The equipment which is affected by high-low voltage are bulbs, tubes, lift and elevators, medical, etc.
To overcome this problem, ‘Trio Transformer’ offers the best quality of servo voltage stabilizer manufacturer in India, which ensure the constant output voltage. Servo stabilizer will provide optimum efficiency and complete protection for all electrical equipment. The stabilizer helps in maintaining the output voltage, and this allows the motor to operate smoothly without having excess current.

Voltage Unbalance Effects

The voltage unbalances a current unbalance which results in damage to motor due to the extra heat. Hence the excessive heat in the motor winding will break down the motor insulation and causes permanent damage to the engine.

The best option to protect the motor from damage is to use servo voltage stabilizer, which is having a separate control system on each phase. It will provide a balanced 3-phase supply at the output, which will take care of both unbalanced and balanced input supply.

Trio Transformer, servo voltage stabilizer manufacturers in India has always made sure about the product quality standards. We offer transformers and stabilizers across the world. The stabilizers manufactured by us are widely used in various industries such as engineering units, pharmaceutical units, cold storage, multiplexes, rolling mills, paper mills, textile mills, etc.

Benefits of Servo Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturer in India

  • Saves electricity bill upto 10 to 15%
  • Ensure 80% breakdown reduction of electrical equipment
  • Production of the industry is improved
  • 10-15% of reduction in MDI
  • Final product quality is uniform

Static Voltage Stabilizer Vs Servo type stabilizer

1) Correction Time:
The static voltage stabilizer, at high voltage correction speed, has correction time of 20-30 millisecond while the correction time of servo stabilizer is 50 milliseconds to 5 seconds.

2) Maintenance:
The static voltage regulator does not need support because of static nature. Whereas servo voltage stabilizer requires maintenance due to its moving servo motor.

3) Reliability:
The reliability servo voltage stabilizer depends on servo motor while in static voltage stabilizer, it depends on its IGBT power stage. In General static IGBT power stage is more reliable than electromechanical servo motor; hence, SVS is more reliable than the servo regulator.

4) Protection from overcurrent fault due to the short circuit:
In static voltage stabilizer, the overcurrent fault gets cleared very quickly without adding any extra hardware. In contrast, the overcurrent protection in servo voltage stabilizer is achieved by using the additional device such as MCCB, CB, etc. and thus the clearing of fault is not instant.

Trio Transformer has highly skilled engineers and professionals who deal with the manufacturing of servo voltage stabilizer in India. There is a constant R&D of voltage fluctuation and electric energy, which makes the product safe and reliable. We provide the best quality of servo voltage stabilizers by selecting components which are fast and have high correction ratio to be maintained during voltage fluctuation.

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